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noun meaning one who is always right and should be respected.
"A freshman tried to tell me I was wrong, but when I pointed out that I am an upper classman, he conceded that I must therefore be correct."

chuck norris was an upper classman even when he was a freshman.
by necrocandy January 07, 2010
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Any student in a high school other than a freshman. These students are usually pretty normal, but for some of them, the evolution from frosh to non-frosh makes them into total jackasses. These jackass-upperclassmen should be avoided by freshmen at all costs.
Upperclassman: Hey, you're a freshman, right?
Freshman: Uh ... yeah?
Upperclassman: Go clean the floor with your tongue.
by Duskmoon December 14, 2008
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Someone who is older than you, or higher than you. Translated it means senpai in japanese.
"He greatly respects Mamoru, who is an upperclassman at his school."
by KattTheWeeb August 01, 2018
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