In any game, most commonly basketball or HALO, it's to keep the same teams and have a rematch.
Jeff: Aight, that was a close game, dude.
Me: Run it back?
Jeff: Yeah, run it back.
by Stach23 June 6, 2007
to say something again
niggaz talk behind my back but yet they scared to run it back
by BigPhoke November 25, 2006
Term used in FPS gaming where the loosing team wants another round. Usualy associated with Halo CTF.
by Runitback October 15, 2003
it means to do something old
I had to run it back for Tommy Hilfiger
by Rashad Perry September 22, 2003
1) To repeat a party or event.

2) To hook up again.
1) That Saran Wrap themed party on Tuesday was awesome. Run it back on Saturday?

2) in a text Hey cutie, run it back tonight?
by QM234 March 16, 2009
1. When a losing team wants a rematch right now.
(HALO, CSGO, basketball, etc...)

2. A coach telling a kick returner in American Football to will tell them to Run It Back, It being the kickoff.
Me: GG guys!
Opponents: Yo let's run it back dawg!
My team: Yall tryna get beat again, let's do it.

Returner: coach can I take a shot at this one, we tied?
Coach: Alright, run it back son.
(Proceeds to get tackled at the 27 yard line)
by Memyself5 March 26, 2020
When someone says something wild or absurd, so much so that you need them to repeat themselves because you simply did not comprehend what was said.
Josh: "I'm cool with you banging my sister dude"
Vik: "Wait, what? Run it back turbo"
by NKVD2424 October 7, 2020