Describes a person who rejects a rematch after just winning once.
Guy 1: That was a close game. Wanna rematch?

Guy 2: No way! I won!

Guy 1: Don't be such rematch Pussy!
by Ryan_Robotz July 14, 2011
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after an epic battle between to sides ends they will come together again for a soviet russian rematch
The Giants and Patriots meet for superbowl 46 in should be a good ole soviet russian rematch
by j ham January 24, 2012
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a rematch of epic (Soviet) proportions. if you ever lose at anything slightly competitive, it is up to you to demand a Soviet Russian Rematch (SRR).
the Giants playing the Patriots again in the Super Bowl is an example of a Soviet Russian Rematch (SRR)
by Nikolai Antropov February 2, 2012
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To rematch movie is the action of watching it again. Synonyms: rewatching
I rematched the Prestige yesterday, I loved it.
by Poolio July 24, 2023
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Meaning or having to do wit sexual activities wit out spilling any tea.
Him: Hey I need that rematch next time you got house to the neck.
Her: you not ready for a rematch but ig I can't wait
by Mr R2 September 16, 2022
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A way you and your "enemy" can fight to the death on a rematch of chaos and you can fuck them up
by GoofyGoofJuiceGod2446 December 5, 2021
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