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To have your anal opening penetrated in an involuntary violent uncle touchy sort of way
First he told me I had a pretty mouth like his sister, then he rumped me.
by Omniwheird April 12, 2010
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Rumped, rump or rumping is a term used to describe human faeces which is very dark and very runny.

The darkness of the faeces is caused by a combination of extraordinary consumption of dark rum and not eating any food.
I woke up after a heavy session and realised I had rumped the bed again. My wife went mental as it takes hours to get that shit out.
by Minty burns February 14, 2015
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to get fucked up on quaaludes, alcahol or any other type of drug that the white man created to bring the black race down. Can't nobody hold us down!!!
Jamal: yo, tyrone, whats real good?
Tyrone: pssht, don't know nigga, you?
Jamal: I'm going to skip work to get rumped.
Tyone: word
(5 step handshake exchange followed by local gang sign)
by Lorraine December 27, 2003
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