Big booty girl: heyyy

Smoove L: ooouuuuu ahhhh baby let’s Rump
by NanaBandzz November 30, 2019
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A slow and powerful ramming, humping fuck from behind, doggy style.
He gripped her by her hips and thrust hard inside of her, rumping her deep and powerfully!
by DaddyKnight September 14, 2018
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vt "to rump" - to bum, bugger, arse fuck
i wanna rump that teenager so bad
by Attilla the Hump June 13, 2003
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that black guys such a rump because he has a dick in his ass
by sunnyman September 6, 2008
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To frolic or to play with a friend(s) originally on the t.v show Charlie Brown
hello i would like to know if snoopy would like to come out and rump with me
by walking pylon July 12, 2009
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1) The ass, specifically the buttocks.
I love to grab my woman's rump while we smash!
by Ragefist November 18, 2002
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