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You can find anything on the Internet if you are willing to look for it long enough.
Person A: Where the hell did you get all ten seasons of Friends?

Person B: Rule 43.
by Henry Adams June 29, 2008
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The more Beautiful and Pure a thing is - the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.
fulfilling Rule 43 with ur sister was awesome!
by kronik495 February 21, 2010
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In the UK prison population, Prison Rule 43 says that an inmate can request to be segregated from the main population, "for their own protection", or when deemed necessary by the prison authorities, to maintain "good order and discipline."

Segregation is not necessarily isolation as there is - in most prisons an entire wing occupied by those prisoners "on the Rule" or "doing the numbers. " A wing full of segrated inmates can often amount to hundreds, so isolation wouldn't be an issue.

People going on the Rule would probably be convicted police officers, prison officers, judges, sex offenders, clergy and anyone of celebrity status or in public office to name but a few.

The life of a prisoner on a segregation wing or unit, is supposedly better/easier as there's much less violence, aggression and confrontation, due to the permanent threat of being instantly transferred back into the general population.

Prison Rule 43 is more commonly requested by the inmates rather than enforced by the prison authorities.
I want to go on the Rule 43
(I want to be segregated)
NOTE The (43) above wouldn't be spoken. I had to add it to comply with the reference to the word being described
by Meltham Man June 16, 2018
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If something exists, there's a porn version of it.
Rule 43 is true...just search Gnardians of the Galaxy; Doctor Whore; and Garfinger and Butts....
by Uesuri10 May 22, 2015
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Rule #43 of No Nut November (3N) states that nutting is permitted as long as it on another individual. This is especially true if done to show dominance.
Person 1 - “Kyle said you nutted on him, bro, you failed No Nut November.”
Person 2 - “No, bro, not according to Rule 43.”
by Can I get a McPick 2 November 05, 2018
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When you can shit, you should shit. This helps avoid awkward moments of unease in the foreseeable future.
"Yeah dude, I went to the toilets and I implimented Rule 43, just in case."
by Not_TPO May 18, 2009
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This rule only works if it meets these requirements:
1) Has been on youtube for more than 6 months.
2) Has only had less than 5 episodes.
3) Has a rating less than or equal to 3 stars.
4) and Finally has other people that wants to make that abridged series.

If these requirements are met, a person is able to make a abridged series that other have already taken.
Krow: Jake, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? I already made Bleach the Abridged Series and you made 1 also.
Jake: Rule 43 Bitch.
by Azumango Daioh September 14, 2008
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