1. complete an dutter chaos.

2. excessive noise and/or violence.

3. an exclamation for drum and bass noise.
bring teh rukus!!!!
by tendo April 21, 2004
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To create a commotion. To be loud or unruly.
That group of boys were causing a rukus.
by cut-n-paster March 12, 2003
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A bat or similar wooden instrument, sawed off for comfort, with nails or spikes protruding from the "business" end.
kyle,"What the fuck is that by your door?"
me,"That's 'rukus' dude."
kyle,"Why rukus?"
me,"Because it can start or end one.(laugh)"
by Kidlnly September 5, 2005
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One of the biggest degerates in the world, he reads around 6 doujins a day. He is awesome though. He is very funny and he can make almost anyone laugh.
Sakura member: *talking*
Ruku enters the chat: Oh fuck!
Everyone: He is at it agan
by Laofan123 November 12, 2021
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A unique, one-of-a-kind living organism that is equally loving and adorable to their partner as is ferocious to anyone who raises a finger against who she claims her own. Someone who will stand by you when no one else had the guts to. Perhaps, the definition that comes to mind to describe a Ruku matches most well with is the first rays of the rising sun. The way the first rays hitting the earth gives life, hope and a chance to start over is what Ruku does to ones around her. No matter what the situation, the smile on that face can slay the scariest monsters. Stunning, drop dead gorgeous, kind and affectionate are words that would normally be used to describe a beautiful person but they fall short here. God took a whole week off before patiently drafting a Ruku and so far has managed to do that only once.
A ruku is one of a kind and is something that cant be created, destroyed or formed again.
by raging123 March 27, 2018
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a degenerate who’s into illegal hentai and very kinky hentai
A: “Woah that person likes shotacon
B: “yeah he’s a ruku
by Asdfworldwide owak September 1, 2021
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the dankest most delicious ramen made by famous Chef Terry located at Ruku Ramen in Palisades Park, NJ.
Yo what ramen is that? It's Ruku you fucking idiot.
by lupethefiasco December 28, 2017
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