A pairing, seen mostly as yaoi in fanfiction/art, in which there is a young underaged male engaged in a sexual act. Stands for "Shotaru Complex" in Japanese. See shotaru.
Person A: Did you read that shotacon fanfic with Seifer and Zell? How old WERE they?
Person B: Seifer was... 18 and Zell was like... 12 I think.
by Davey December 07, 2003
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A shotacon is a person who adores or is attracted to shota.
A shota is a young boy, usually between 5-15 years.They are drawn in manga and anime of all kinds of genre, usually it being yaoi.
Dude, Natalia is SUCH a shotacon, she has a whole gallery devoted to shotas in her phone!
Do you think this author is a shotacon ? They draw a lot of shota .
by kurotheshotacon June 28, 2018
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It's what the Japanesse reffers to people that are sexual attracted to young boys (similiar to lolicon ), also they are known as Big Titty Onee-san.
Usually shotacons are identified as young women of age 17-30, with big boobs and when they hunt their prey, they try to lore it by smiling at it and adding Ara Ara in front of their sentence.
"Ara ara, are you lost little boy? Don't worry, Onee-san will help you." - Some random girl from a manga I read at nhentai under the tag of Shotacon and Big Sister.
by UnluckyKuri June 07, 2019
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Anime or Manga that feature underaged boys (6-12 years of age). Most Shotacon, Or Shota, Is directed to a female audience, and centers around a yaoi plot.
Most Shota is banned on websites, but its still fully legal in Japan.

Loli is the female form of Shota.
A: 'Is Hanataro a Shotacon character?'

B: 'It seems like it.'
by TheGreatSaladOwl June 24, 2009
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Female pedofiles
Shotacons are pedofiles
by Thesauruz5 November 26, 2020
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A sub-genre of shotacon hentai that depicts young boys (usually under 15 years old) paired with women (who are typically as young as the boy or older).

Many shotacon works have homosexual themes, so the term "straight shota(con)" is used to differentiate from that.
Negima! is an anime/manga series with straight shotacon themes.
by Raymoo October 16, 2007
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Oh is that Katie? I hear she likes little boys and makes them wear furry suits while fucking them. A real shotacon furry fucker.
by Flychiken April 12, 2018
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