Ruizing is a way of living that started with chef Carl Ruiz from New Jersey. It's enjoying great drinks, food, smoking cigars, and doing what you want. You must drink with pinkies up!

No greens allowed when Ruizing. Simple cheeseburger. Hot dogs and mustard (no ketchup!!). Ravioli from a can. Hostess products.

Just living the simple, best life!
I'm eating beans and weenies while drinking whiskey and beer. #Ruizing
by Feisty M April 10, 2019
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A Beautiful kind hearted person. A heart of gold, and a personality worth a million dollars. Ruiz is often described as a caring, loving, motherly like figure that can be the light of many people's lives. Once you meet her you'll never want to let her leave as that is how unique, and special she is.
Hey look there she is! She is so loving almost like a mom, I love Ruiz.
by Octoomy February 19, 2019
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Fronting as a shy guy while, but in reality, being a stone cold playa who is down with all the ladies.
*Dude, tonight up in da club, I'm a git my Dave Ruiz on!

*Now I lay me down to sleep, before I die, my sould to keep. If I die before I awake, please re-incarnate me as Ruiz.
by NE14A6T9 May 10, 2005
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A mythical Indo-Hispanic spirit who takes an ephemeral form, sowing mischief, mayhem, and havoc throughout the halls of Saint Peter's Prep. He is AMPed up by vulnerable students and is ready at all times to kNIT and sow trouble and rewards.
These mistakes must be the work of Ruiz!
by GameworldCEO November 9, 2021
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A loving kind woman who is the definition of perfect. Her heart is often described as too loving. When you encounter a Ruiz in your life you'll often never want to let them go, as they tend to make the biggest impact in your life.
She's so wonderful, and loving much like a mother. I love Ruiz.
by Octoomy February 19, 2019
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Being sent on a job with wrong/missing paperwork and/or having no idea what you are supposed to be doing when you get there . Also, being sent on a job without the customer's consent.
1. Man I wish I had the correct workorders for this job I'm on. Looks like I've been ruized again.

2. Technician: Hi, I'm here to calibrate your equipment today.

Customer: We didn't even know you were coming. You've been ruized.
by gh122907 October 29, 2010
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marcel ruiz: "omg, uR sUcH a bAdDiE."
by Soretti August 24, 2019
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