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A sexual act involving mustard and a tranny. Usually takes place in a massage parlor but you have to bring your own mustard.
Hey, what are you going to get a massage?

I'm going to get a dirty Sal. Could you please pass the Grey Poupon?
by Feisty M August 24, 2018

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This usually applies to women more than men. It's when you go into the bathroom that has a bunch of stalls and it smells like somebody took a big shit. You try to find a stall that the person did not take that huge shit. You go in, sit down and the toilet is warm. You just lost at restroom roulette.
I just lost at restroom roulette. I had to pee really bad and it smelled like shit in there. I sat on the toilet that was warm.
by Feisty M June 27, 2015

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Some women only reserve anal sex for those they find really hot or that they really love. If they DO find somebody really hot or really love them, they may deem that person "starfish-worthy."
Dude, he wanted to do anal with me and since he's SOOOO hot, I think he's starfish-worthy.
by Feisty M January 27, 2015

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Ruizing is a way of living that started with chef Carl Ruiz from New Jersey. It's enjoying great drinks, food, smoking cigars, and doing what you want. You must drink with pinkies up!

No greens allowed when Ruizing. Simple cheeseburger. Hot dogs and mustard (no ketchup!!). Ravioli from a can. Hostess products.

Just living the simple, best life!
I'm eating beans and weenies while drinking whiskey and beer. #Ruizing
by Feisty M April 10, 2019

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