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Fronting as a shy guy while, but in reality, being a stone cold playa who is down with all the ladies.
*Dude, tonight up in da club, I'm a git my Dave Ruiz on!

*Now I lay me down to sleep, before I die, my sould to keep. If I die before I awake, please re-incarnate me as Ruiz.
by NE14A6T9 May 10, 2005
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president of the fuckboy assiociation. eats ass for a living. thinks hes always right & argues about everything. most people want to punch a Ruiz in the throat all the time. Usually ginger fucks with no soul.
That guy just ate ass & is walking around like nothing happened. He's such a Ruiz
by veuceclicquot January 15, 2015
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Last name of an asshole who prob has a lot of DUI’s cuz all he does is drunk drive and pee at the beach in front of little kids. Also all he does is lie and his favorite line is wyd ? And if you don’t reply he will message wyd ? Wyd ? Wyd ? Every single day until he dies from aids.
A: “What’s his last name?”
B: “Ruiz”
A: “Shit..Stay away he prob has aids
by Fish chicken June 03, 2018
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