Short for Regimental Quarters, worlds most awesome Hobby Shop.
We were at RQ until 1:30 last night.

I'm at RQ.
by Bill February 23, 2004
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Real question; when your describing an abnormal situation and you have a question that surpasses all
Why did they decide to change actors for a characters in that tv show. RQ why did they choose that actor out of all the other ones?!
by Lele1313 January 07, 2018
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1) 'real quick' (a text abbreviation)

2) 'rage quit' (used whilst gaming, rq refers to when a player quits the game in a fit of fury, often experienced after losing in a battle, dying, etc)

3) 'requests' (used in fanfictions, particularly oneshots, where the author takes requests from the readers in the comments section)
1) (whilst texting)
"i've gotta go ask my mom smth rq i'll brb"

2)(in a game)
*player 3 killed player 1*
*player 1 left the game*
player 2: y did p1 leave?
player 3: rq
player 2: oh

3)on a wattpad fanfic description:
'fandom oneshots. rqs open, comment below'
by mixxoi April 14, 2021
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You know every gamer have this experience when losing a game:
Rage quit
Toxic kids: *Do the funny after killed you*
Me: Imma take out my reverse uno card
Toxic kids: *Keep doing the funny*
Me: *Do the funny back when winning a round by killing him*
Also you spamming in the chat: Take the L you toxic kid
Toxic kids: *rq*

Btw do the funny means do the taunt
via giphy
by Instantify June 16, 2020
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Random Question, a way of introducing something completely random into a conversation, giving them a warning it might make them cringe. A way to completely alter the subject of a texting marathon to avoid awkward silences.
Yo RQ, do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?
by Amanda Lorian November 30, 2020
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Short for "Rage quit", can be used a sense of victory over somebody if you make them rage quit because you are too good at the game
Idonothack69 has left the server
John: LoL RQ
James: Lol Ikr
by poignantman February 25, 2021
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