Nickname for a person who has red pubes.
Nick's hair is red and so are his pubes. Hey Nick your new nickname is rp.
by thegoz 5050 January 06, 2007
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Short for roleplay, something that socially inadequete people do because they're too scared or socially-inept to interact with people in the real world.
RPer: Want to RP with me?

Me: If by that you mean, "Have another reason to avoid interaction with another human" then no. I'd rather talk to someone in the flesh.
by Drakodan June 03, 2009
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Short for role-play. It's for those lame anti-socials who don't have a life and either steal pretty peoples pictures or use anime pictures and say it's them because they are too embarrassed to show their true ugly selves. To me it kinda seems like plagiarism but with pictures.
No Life #1: Hey i'm bored.
No Life #2: Let's RP?
No Life #1: Okay. my name is Alice Death. I'm a gorgeous emo who nobody understands.
No Life #2: Hey Sexy.
by RPs are Fags. August 16, 2009
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Short for Role Play

An activity mostly performed on the internet (forums, chats) in which Anti-social, Broody, Cold and Loosers engage when they have nothing else better to do and are too ugly and boring to interact with real actual people.. Also related to the word cyber
Looser1: Hey!!
Looser2: Hn......
Looser1: Wanna RP?
Looser2: Sure.. you start...
Looser2; Asuka starts taking off her clothes.. blah.. blah.. blah...
by Noypi August 28, 2005
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RP: refers to "random pubs", random people or person who join public games among you and your friends. Mostly used in Warcraft 3 custom map "Dota". BA.

The majority of RP's are hopeless noob's who don't know how to play and are usually flamers. They tend to destroy games due to their incompetence and lack of common sense.
too_much_kebabz: "solo mid yo cunts"
Elunax: "gg, this rp, we lose"
Rjay: "banned and rmk"
too_much_kebabz:" wtf why?"
Elunax: "noob thats why"
Rjay: "gg, noisy this rp"
by pebenitox July 11, 2011
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Ruma paska, in Finnish meaning ugly as shit.
That girl is a real RP.
Johny's mom is a RP.
by Jockyboi February 22, 2017
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