Short for role play. Typically for games.
But nowadays teenagers "RP" someone so they take some random persons face from Tumblr or instagram and pretend to be that person.
"Who should I rp as?"
"How about this person?" *shows picture or tumblr girl*
by tryhardhemmings May 03, 2015
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Role play
also known as RPG
(Role play Game)
1: Wanna RP?
2: kk
by ~Shinku~ December 31, 2009
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RP simply means rank pussy
meaning your pussy smells god awful.

so if anyone says you have a RP get it

checked out!

please and thank you it'll help you and

a good cause!

also can be hastaged on twitter #RP

saying to a girl that's nasty, self centered
a total bitch, or stanks

shell never no what your sayin!
*girl walks bye*
Rich: dammmnn girrl clean that RP of yours...I'm dyin over here
Jen: RP whachu talkin bout?
Rich: Rank Pussy Jen that's you....RP.
Jen: uhhhh

Rich: Go clean you and your RP up!!

@lirgyknats1 ........ ....... ...... ..... #RP
@litgyknats2 #RP
by HELPINGTHEWORLD August 11, 2012
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The penis of the ambiguous figure called no-face.

It all started in a skype call. mid-2009 when no-face flashed his penis in the conversation topic picture.
Everyone was enraged and surprised.

Thus, RP is associated with the ambiguous No-Face or someone else who has a picture of his penis luring a group into a false sense of security and then surprising them with No-Face's penis.
Exmaple 1: I just RP'd Kaitsu at class today.

Example 2: I got RP'd by Kevin today!
by Marachii February 28, 2010
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Rp - an acronym/abbreviation for "root partner". Derives from the word "root", which is slang for beer pong.
fuck I need a partner... WHO WANTS TO BE MY RP
by BigNoodlz January 16, 2011
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Short for role-play. People on myspace and xanga steal pictures of pretty people to interact with fellow RPers. They are either too fugly or pathetic to live a real life.
Mr. X: I'm too ugly to go to a party.
Ms. y: Make an RP site to make-believe a party!
by LxPaR October 21, 2007
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Rapid Prototyping. A common division in manufacturing or engineering companies.
Customer: Who do I contact about this impossible part which I need in six hours?
Sales Rep: I'll patch you through to RP.
by Blumpee February 02, 2006
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