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RP simply means rank pussy
meaning your pussy smells god awful.

so if anyone says you have a RP get it

checked out!

please and thank you it'll help you and

a good cause!

also can be hastaged on twitter #RP

saying to a girl that's nasty, self centered
a total bitch, or stanks

shell never no what your sayin!
*girl walks bye*
Rich: dammmnn girrl clean that RP of yours...I'm dyin over here
Jen: RP whachu talkin bout?
Rich: Rank Pussy Jen that's you....RP.
Jen: uhhhh

Rich: Go clean you and your RP up!!

@lirgyknats1 ........ ....... ...... ..... #RP
@litgyknats2 #RP
by HELPINGTHEWORLD August 11, 2012

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