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While motorboating a woman's breast you yell out "Oh no! We're out of gas. We have to paddle the rest of the way." Then you stick your arms and hands straight out like oars and smack her breasts back and forth.
Check out her tits. I wish I was rowboating them.
by CockFrobbler October 13, 2011
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Invented when one D Hunt decided to pull a super bagmington serve and instead hit himself in the head with his own racket. His attempt to showboat failed and was term by us as a "rowboating" incedent. Ever since anything that has happened to one of us that was inteaded as a showboating exercise that failed has been termed as rowboating.
You go to hit a super serve and instead smash the racket around the back of your head resulting in hailarity for all.
by Mr T March 24, 2005
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Code name for Smoking weeeeeeed.

Started by a student at st. louis university high school (ok me) after he coined the word when high and driving.
While moving his arms in a rowboating fashion *while still driving* he spoke these words:

"Dude.... If we were in a rowboat right now.. we'd be going SOOOO fast"

It has been codename for smoking pot ever since.
Hey dan, lets go rowboating!

"dude you got any rowboat?"
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