Adjective: to be in an above average state of physical shape

Verb: to do something with a high level of intensity

Can also be spelled as: Rooch and Rouche
Adjective: "I've been working out hard for 2 weeks and I'm starting to get ROUCHE!" or "Her ass was sooo ROUCHE brosif"

Verb: "I'm about to ROUCHE down this protein shake after I get home from the gym" or "That chick was ROOCHING it up on the dance floor"
by Mr. Balouch September 15, 2010
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Southern slang; another name for a ho that steals money from their pimp.

Syn: skank, whore, street corner dweller
Greg is such a rouch, hopefully his pimp doesn't find out!
by clover22 June 26, 2009
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