To consume much drugs or alcohol. The act or intention of consumption of these things.
I am going to rort so much coke tonight
He rorted that spliff very quickly
Hold on I am just rorting a line
Here you go mate, rort that, should sort you out!
by L-S-D August 14, 2005
It's when your mentally stable and mental illness or trauma side swipes you.
This bipolar diagnoses is a mental rort,
My life is a mental rort.
by AusTetris August 9, 2021
When the government in power decides to buy votes in marginal electorates by using a tax payer money community initiative that should be going to needy areas (Eligible clubs) to enable sporting field upgrades, but diverts the money to affluent areas (Ineligible clubs) that are not really needing the upgrades urgently, in order to gain more votes at election time.
Did you see the TV news story about the Sports Rorts? This government is corrupt!
by JezzaBullfrog February 16, 2020
a fake version of rock ports tht chavas wear
y aye ya fukin mug, £200 rock ports these r mam ya fukin mef (they will actually b £5 fakes)
by miller January 2, 2004
When someone snorts but it sounds like a dinosaur roaring.
"Holy shit, Brandon, you just totally rortted!"
by SwaggyLaddyDaddy August 25, 2018