adj, rolling really hard, that is, very fucked up from ecstasy.
Man I had like three hits at once, I was rolling balls!
by Die Meisterin January 5, 2005
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A triple entendre while on ecstasy, where the eye balls in the forehead roll back, your body temperature goes up and down almost as if its rolling, and in some males the testicles get pulled up into the body cavity as if they just rolled off.
He was rolling balls.
by Nathans December 8, 2007
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to be on ecstacy.
to take ecstacy and trip hard.
1--yo man..i'm rolling so hard!!!!!

2--wanna roll balls?
by 305 sin April 30, 2006
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Took some really good ecstasy, and the high was really good.
Man, I was at that party last night, and rolled balls.
by FrankieBaby August 31, 2013
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Did alot of ecstasy and had this best trip ever.
Man I rolled balls at EDC this weekend.
by kitkatcatjesus August 31, 2013
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Another way of saying "rolling eyes" as if saying "rolling eyeballs"
by Marisol.R April 9, 2017
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