16 definitions by Marisol.R

A nickname and a real name. Is a sweet person. And is a very uncommon name now.
"Hey Mylo what's up? I like your name by the way"
by Marisol.R October 19, 2019
A person who wants to be liked by others and cares more about their opinions than their own opinion of themselves
"WE love Mark!"
"Who cares how I act as long as they love me, Mark then it's fine
by Marisol.R June 13, 2019
A way to signify your opinion. To show your imagination...
by Marisol.R April 9, 2017
A show that is about contestants who work to get 100,000 dollars. They paint on people who solely wear pasties and thongs. The paint is supposed to be creative and distract the audience from know they aren't wearing anything.
Person 1: "Want to watch IT?"
Person 2: "How about a show?"
Person 1: "How about Skin wars then?"
Person 2: "Sounds good👍🏼"
by Marisol.R October 19, 2019
A game no one should play. The game is like this: put two fingers in your mouth and two fingers in your a**hole. Then you switch the fingers, hence the name.
Person 1 :"Hey let's play switch!"
Person 2:" Ewwww... What the f*ck!"
by Marisol.R April 9, 2017