a fun thing too do when your bored
roleplaying is a thing where you chat with a different person and pretend to do things

or pretend to be someone or something your not
me : I love too roleplay so much!~
friend : its cause you have no real friends
me : well roleplaying helps me make friends >:T
by some eddsworld fangirl January 2, 2017
To take a false identity through a blogging communtiy, and using aquired pictures and a fabricated bio. you talk to other roleplayers, remaining in character. May be an entirely original bio, or roleplay a character from a book or movie.
In real life my name is Katherine, but I roleplay Katie Bell from the Harry Potter Series.
by Katte x3 September 30, 2006
1: A game genre, most often associated with titles like 'Final Fantasy' or 'Diablo'. This also includes heavy titles such as 'Baldur's Gate' Series and Zelda. Most of these put you in the eyes and boots of some other character, generally prefabricated. Most of these have a main quest to complete, but also have a certain amount of open endedness. Despite popular belief, Diablo and it's off spring Diablo 2 are barely Roleplaying games. The 'Truest' Roleplaying games allow you to play a role you make on your own, generally by a Character Generation, as seen in AD&D Games (generally) and in other games like Morrowind. Basically, any game that puts you in the shoes of another character, gives you a world to explore, and causes the players to make 'life' changing decisions.

2: Done on message boards, people make their own character and play them (more or less) in a set of rules laid down by forum moderators (once again, more or less). These usually see a lot of fighting, and are usually populated by people between the ages of 12-20. all actions and descriptions, abilities and powers, are at the mercy of the player playing the role, and are described in text.

1&2 Generally have time period in the fantasy medieval realm.

3: Where two people play different roles in a sexually suggestive manner. This is generally to provide more excitement and pleasure to the act of intercourse. The addition of props, or cameras are occasionally used. Occasionally, Roleplaying is mixed in with the act of cyber.
1: Morrowind, Baldur's Gate, DnD, MMORPGs
2: RPGChat.com
3: School Girl and the teacher
by TheWanderer August 18, 2005
Roleplaying is literally the cringiest thing someone can ever do. Even if it's imagination. No. It's dumb and cringes.
Some Guy 1: Says in chat *Summons Deadly Grim Reaper*

Some Guy 2: Really Bro.

Some Guy 1: What, or ill kill you.

Some Guy2: But your not the-

Some Guy 1: Shut up. Says in chat *Slays Some Guy 2*

Some guy 2: Cringe bro. Cringe. Roleplaying is Cringe.
by The D*** God March 25, 2022
a person who potrays themselve to be someone famous as "faces" of themselves.Roleplaying can be done in the style of onelining;Semi-Para;Para and Multi Para.
Often reffered to as RP.
An ultimate escape from reality.
Tammy roleplays Jessica Biel on Myspace, she does para RP and has many "celeb" friends. She said we should try roleplaying
by Brittany Lynn S August 30, 2007
Pretending you're an extremely in-shape ninja who fights seemingly in slow motion, and is capable of doing multiple things simultaneously including dodging every obstacle thrown at you.
In the hunger games roleplay, you might act as katniss who can Always kill people with a single arrow.
by Arbiterzz June 24, 2013
Something used in video games or something someone would do if they were there.
If I were there I would... *kisses you*
Video game: your character is hot let's roleplay as if we were in the game
by Roleplay March 14, 2017