one who is smooth with the ladies, in a studlike fashion
Damn he is roddy when we go out to the club, he is always fighting off the chics.
by Dirk Longhorn June 28, 2004
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an invisible fuck who screwed up my entire life
As soon as that damn Roddy sang me a love song, my entire world blew up!! thanks!
by ted January 30, 2004
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according to popular folklore, a roddy is a big chode, with a small chode
folklore never lies, ra 2005
by hex_ten December 24, 2004
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typically covered in tattoos, goes for younger girls.
loves sex his mothers shack and his dogs
god roddys a slayer
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A Roddi is a person who is extremely unique and not afraid to speak their mind. They enjoy exploring new territory and are always in search of adventure. They tend to be very open minded and intellectual people with strong leanings towards geekiness which they fully embrace.
"That IT person is such a Roddi"
by BlueState February 3, 2010
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As in Roddy Woomble, the lead singer of Idlewild, adored by millions, both male and female.
Roddy Woomble is God. (No blasphemy intended)
by Nezzy June 21, 2004
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a person whos letter box often get blown up during the late hours of the night
person 1: i am always hearing about that kid over there, people always say his mail box get blown up during the late hours of the night..

person 2: well he is probably a Roddy then?

person 1: yeh i thinkso :)
by LOCKDOWN.. November 14, 2009
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