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When someone dominates another in any way, shape or form. Same thing as getting Owned.
Sarah got rodded hard by Brandon last night.
by B-Ran February 26, 2005
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To have a Q-Tip inserted into the urethra to check for sexually transmitted diseases.

origin: From the US military's firearms range safety system. A brass rod is inserted from the muzzle of a rifle down to the open bolt to check that the bore and chamber are clear of ammunition.
Person A: oh fuck, what happened last night?

Person B: you dumbass, you ran a train on this skank bitch with like, 6 other guys, and were too wasted to use a jimmy hat... You're gonna to have to go get rodded now.
person A: fuck my life.
by Bob_the_Cannibal August 05, 2009
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A form of punishment for being/acting/representing/promoting the following on a forum.

1. acting like a foolish
2. advertising
3. Talking non-sense
4. trolling
5. spamming

The mod/admin would soon edit the post/delete the post leaving the note "RODDED" in the post.
Billybob was acting like a know it all so he got what was coming, a good ol' RODDING!
by Tabasco June 18, 2005
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(1) Used to explain one's upset or frustration over something; similar to that of 'gutted', 'miffed' and 'cheesed-off'.
(2) Used to acknowledge someone else's upset or frustrating situation.

Also used in present tense as 'rodding'.
(1) I was well rodded that my goldfish died.

Person One: My goldfish died today.
Person Two: Rodded.
by Claire (Curlibear) August 26, 2006
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