One of the shows once aired on Nickelodeon, but is now rarely seen. It wasn't my favorite show back then, but now that I've seen some of Nick's latest crap, I'd watch this show again in a heartbeat.
The show features four kids living in southern California who are so fucking beastly awesome at any sport ever invented, period. Most people think "OMFG WTF KIDS CAN'T DO THAT WOW LAME SHOW," but, there are kids whose lives consist of only extreme sports, and most of them would actually be quite capable of the stunts in the show. (Though you have to give it a little leeway... it IS a cartoon, after all.)
Reggie, Otto, Twister, and Sam (Squid) are the kids in the show. They're all amazing, except Reggie can be annoying sometimes and Squid fails at anything except playing goalie.
Rocket Power actually encouraged kids to go out and play, unlike the shows of today that encourage kids to sit at home and play video games all day.

Is the fish taco shaped like a fish? --a classic Rocket Power quote that to this day causes me to double over in laughter
by starstarfairy September 02, 2009
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a show on nickelodeon that is so dumb its funny. The only real contribution it has ever made is the sweet "woogie"handshake
A regular conversation from rocket power

twister: dude, you caught some gnarly air
otto: ya silly sweet
(woogie handshake)
otto: yo squid you ate mad beefcakes
squid: ya im a lame-o shooby
reggie: i was born with purple hair
by lyled33 April 03, 2007
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a bunch of kids who call people shooby I mean what the fuck is that they say lamo and squid they are possers who kick their dad raymoondo in the nutz and laugh then there's a fat assed man who likes to eat ribs by the billions his anme is mister booba oh wait I mean tito and his dumb ass cahonase faced nefou keeony the squid is a fat woman who can't get a tan and then there's mister stimpltin the only cool guy in the show even though he's a rapest and he rapes the squid all day adn theirs the kid twister a total imagrant and a brother named lars who sucks fuck and then his friend who can't talk and the panda kid squids mother is an overprotective fucktart then there's the life guard wad he is a milatary fuck and likes to fuck ducks all day then there's the princess of the nether world total fuckhead with his straight jacket powers he will become mental then theres regies to friedns trish the one who looks like a fucking man and sherey the tom boy ass I've said enough now fuck off
rocket power fuckin' sucks fuckin' cunt fucking suck nades dick ass wad
by tyler moynihan February 27, 2005
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An incredibly horrible show that Nickelodeon thinks is "cool". Words that are considered 'cool' used in the show are:

1. Major beef (when someone falls)
2. leik DuuuDDEE!!111!!!
3. Poundage
4. And much more.

And not only that, to make it seem 'cooler', the words have its own screen with flowing colors. Pathetic. Poor expressions, bad story plots, and EVERYONE in the world can skateboard, do tricks, and speak in "cool". IT'S SENSELESS! The music also stinks, and everyone acts like the 4 main characters are ALWAYS the leader. -_-;;
Otto: oMG leik dood!!!11!!!1!!
Regi: oh teh n0z otto u being baaaddd
Sam: i teh smartz. i teh cool and skatebordn
by RP Hater! September 06, 2004
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One of Nick's Four worst shows. Features four stupid,ugly,stubby kids who are TOTALLY XTREME TO THE MAX. Wait,that's just what they want you to think. They hang out with their gay dad,and his hawaiian slave. Truly horrible.
Zero: Hey Twister,your helmets on sideways. *cuts off his scalp*
Otto: WICKED!!! *flashy colors*
Bass: MY EYES!
by 0niTTRay October 06, 2003
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Making a powerful pelvic thrust and yelling, "Rocket Power!"
Adam have his girlfriend, Joan, a rocket power, and she still can't walk.
by C to the D August 12, 2010
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A gay show with some poser kids and really bad animation.
Faggot;Woa dude did u see that one episode wear they did all those totaly xtreme and radical tricks on there aggressive inline skates?

Skater;I dont like fruit booters, its fucking gay like u.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
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