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a bunch of kids who call people shooby I mean what the fuck is that they say lamo and squid they are possers who kick their dad raymoondo in the nutz and laugh then there's a fat assed man who likes to eat ribs by the billions his anme is mister booba oh wait I mean tito and his dumb ass cahonase faced nefou keeony the squid is a fat woman who can't get a tan and then there's mister stimpltin the only cool guy in the show even though he's a rapest and he rapes the squid all day adn theirs the kid twister a total imagrant and a brother named lars who sucks fuck and then his friend who can't talk and the panda kid squids mother is an overprotective fucktart then there's the life guard wad he is a milatary fuck and likes to fuck ducks all day then there's the princess of the nether world total fuckhead with his straight jacket powers he will become mental then theres regies to friedns trish the one who looks like a fucking man and sherey the tom boy ass I've said enough now fuck off
rocket power fuckin' sucks fuckin' cunt fucking suck nades dick ass wad
by tyler moynihan February 27, 2005

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