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To get estremely excited, upset, or angry. Basically a more inappropriate way of saying "flipping out".
When my dad found out I scratched his car, he flipped a shit.

My girlfiend was flipping a shit yesterday when I came back late from work.

I heard Blink on the radio yesterday. I was flipping shits all over the place.
by starstarfairy September 1, 2009
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A character from Kingdom Hearts, a widely renouned video game series brought to you by Square.

Physical description: He is fifteen in the first, sixteen in the second. He seems to quite enjoy sleeveless shirts and baggy pants. His hair is long and silvery. Riku is, in my honest opinion, fucking sexy.

Personality/Role: Riku is the best friend of Sora and Kairi. They all live on Destiny Islands. In the first game, Riku opens his heart to the darkness and becomes manipulated by a creepy dude named Ansem. Eventually he is freed, but he stays in the realm of darkness with King Mickey (!) to save the world. How thoughtful of him!
Riku's weapon for most of the series is the Soul Eater, a sword that looks kind of like a bat wing. Later on, we see him with the Way to the Dawn in the second game, which is another Keyblade. Riku is an awesome fighter, and he has a killer Limit.
"But NOBODY could defeat Riku!" ~Donald
by starstarfairy June 10, 2009
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One of the shows once aired on Nickelodeon, but is now rarely seen. It wasn't my favorite show back then, but now that I've seen some of Nick's latest crap, I'd watch this show again in a heartbeat.
The show features four kids living in southern California who are so fucking beastly awesome at any sport ever invented, period. Most people think "OMFG WTF KIDS CAN'T DO THAT WOW LAME SHOW," but, there are kids whose lives consist of only extreme sports, and most of them would actually be quite capable of the stunts in the show. (Though you have to give it a little leeway... it IS a cartoon, after all.)
Reggie, Otto, Twister, and Sam (Squid) are the kids in the show. They're all amazing, except Reggie can be annoying sometimes and Squid fails at anything except playing goalie.
Rocket Power actually encouraged kids to go out and play, unlike the shows of today that encourage kids to sit at home and play video games all day.

Is the fish taco shaped like a fish? --a classic Rocket Power quote that to this day causes me to double over in laughter
by starstarfairy September 2, 2009
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