Another word for Pound sterling, British money (pounds), cash, dosh etc.
I can't come out tonight, ain't got the poundage bruv.

It's my treat. I've just come into some serious poundage.
by Titbiscuit September 13, 2009
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An enjoyable act of being taken from behind. Also used to refer to something that is enjoyable.
Man we need to go do something thats pretty poundage.
by Shimmler February 11, 2003
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(in relation to alchohol consumption) the ability to drink, or pound, significant quantities of alcohol; typically beer
I can't believe how many beers Bill can drink, that is some serious poundage.
by b7r7 July 19, 2011
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The act of really aggressive and passionate sex. Usually leaving both participants extremely satisfied.
My husband gave me a good poundage last night.
by mrst January 22, 2010
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is to have sex with a woman with large thighs and ass,the thighs pound down on you.
I got some mean poundage from KFroude
by jpfucklefactory September 4, 2009
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the result of adding excess weight or pounds
I gained some serious poundage weight on my trip to Italy last year.
by putti the insider February 6, 2011
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Bowel movements. Called "ppundage" because it is heavy.
"Help! Roy just made poundage on the floor!"
by Casey April 3, 2005
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