1:a person who's a true rockstar
2:a person with a i dont give a fuck swag
3:a person who's an atheist
"jarae why did you fuck missy even though she has a boyfriend"-brianna
"umm because i really dont give a fuck"-jarae
"wow he said he dont give a fuck, hes such a rocka"-matt
by fucktheworld69 September 4, 2011
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(noun) same as "rockah".
Myth ain't no damn rocka.
by queen bitch March 5, 2003
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Relating to things that may be in the region of awesometude. Plain and simple word derived from "Kick Ass!", "That rocks!", and "Cool."

If you feel that you are much cooler than anyone in your area and have people that know it's true. You are "Rockas".

If you played Speed Racer the Arcade game at Disneyland and had a line of people wanting to try and beat you when you're just 9-12 of age... You are "Rockas"
You've just leved up three levels instead of one. Your reply is, "Rockas."

You just made out with five girls at the same time and no one noticed until is was over. That is "Rockas"
by Jace Marian April 1, 2006
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The main man, the head honcho, the number one guy. usually used as "number one chief rocka".
The song chief rocka by lords of the underground.

" I am the chief rocka so i guess i'm in charge!"
by j-la April 6, 2004
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This term was originally used in major ignorance. It is a way to generalise anyone who has a unique hairstyle, is into a specific genre of rock music, uses lots of make-up, and likes to wear black. In other words ... emo. Since it's development it has ironically been used mainly by the people it once described. In a way it is really mocking those who are ignorant.
Chelsea: Why are you guys so ... rocka punka?
Jackie: ... 'rocka punka'? that is the stupidist shit I have ever heard.
Kim: Yeah you don't understand us at all! We're emotional.

Jackie: Hey guess what! I'm gonna put some brown into my otherwise jet black hair. Now I'll totally stand out from all the other average 'rocka punkas'.
Kim: That is so deep...
by Hilere October 14, 2006
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Saying someone is crazy or nuts
Whats this guy off his rocka?
by joe January 18, 2005
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