An individual whom sells out his/her friends for thier own personal benefit.
Yo man, why you being a judas.
by billy June 2, 2003
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A man that Lady Gaga is in love with.
Ooh. Ooh. I'm in love with Judas.
by PTrockstar92 April 24, 2011
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A Judas is a slang word used in Scotland meaning . If you punch someone from behind without them knowing
Oi m8 your wee pal just judased me
by Judas’s September 20, 2018
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Guy who narced out Christ.
"Judas was the n00b of the disciples." -Jesus
by Secretaccountofchris August 2, 2005
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Term for an extremely moronic person. Extreme cases only. One can not become a Judas overnight, they must work toward becoming the most extreme douchebag, tightwad, self-centered person you've ever met.

While working toward Judas level, you may call them jewbag or douchebag. But once they have crossed the line, they have ascended to Judas level.
-Chris is a real Judas, he's always backing out of plans and last night he took the tip money from the table after we left the bar.
by Amithus March 6, 2015
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A person who will get their friends in trouble with teachers, parents, other friends etc. for their own personal pleasure or gain
Eric was being Judas when he blamed the water heater breaking on me.
by Richie Melps August 8, 2010
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Another interesting thing about the musical "Jesus Christ superstar" is that it paints Judas in a sympathetic light. He starts off the musical by singing about how much he love and respects Jesus but accuses him and his followers of having "too much heaven on their minds". So, drunk on their own hubris, they ignore Judas when he tells them that their "captors" will hurt him. He was right. That is exactly what happened. Even if he wouldn't have told them where to find Jesus, they were already looking for him. After Judas sees what they've done Jesus he proclaims that Jesus "has murdered him" and hangs himself. Again, Judas was correct.
Iam "You're awfully quiet today..."

Hym "Because, like Judas, I know exactly how this will end....."

Iam "It..... *Sigh* ...... I'm not worried about it..."

Hym "You should be.... It's the only thing that matters...."

Iam "Hmm... This kind of makes me sad..."

Hym "Don't be. They my be ignorant but they at least know enough to know better. I don't even know why you even bothered trying."

Iam "I thought it would work..."

Hym "The sooner you understand that they only care about harvesting what they can from the two of us the easier this will be"
by Hym Iam April 10, 2022
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