A stupid 12 year old child on Roblox that thinks he's hot shit. They usually wear black shirts or some sort of flannel. With black hair that sticks out so much it looks like you stuck a fork in an electrical socket. They're probably stupid enough to do it too! They're usually extremely toxic towards other players. They pretend they have depression or they're emo.
They also scream into their 5 dollar microphone from walmart "MIC UP MIC UP MIC UPPPP" to the point where the audio starts distorting.
(Roblox slender walks in thinking hes hot shit. With his dumbass flannel shirt, His shitty knockoff vans, And his dumbass hair because he stuck a key into a 120v socket.)
by Random person behind a LCD February 25, 2023
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rude people who thing they’re the best
omg that roblox slender cnp is so toxic.
by RatzzR0ckit March 28, 2022
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A nice roblox Slender is a rare type of slenders. They are rare(and chad), hate, and make fun of online daters.
They never say MIC UP KID MIC UP KID
& they could be some 15 year old gamer boys or girls in real life.
notsobasicslender276: "Thx for playing with me cassey!"
casseyplayz2763: "Oof i gtg, i have lunch. See ya!"
notsobasicslender276: "Bye cassie *disconnects*"
Cassie irl: "he's A nice roblox Slender :)"
by Tokiyasumune☆ November 21, 2021
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Slender, are a type of style in the Platformer game Roblox, also referred as the boy version of “copy and paste” They are given a tall appearance, wearing dark clothing, having a hairstyle which people call it a “birdnest” which is equipping more then 1 hair in Roblox hair accessories tab in the avatar edit, and wearing faces such as the hated face “stichface”.

Slenders are famously known for being hated in the Roblox community due to there “toxic” behavior, online dating in certain games such as “Ragdoll engine” and “Animation Mocap” and also team in the popular game “Murder Mystery 2” They are also known by the community to say “Mic up” if they ever got into any fight.

Disclaimer: Not all slenders are like this, please do not harras slenders all because of there appearance and do not accuse all of them of being either toxic or an online dater when you don’t even know that person.
Hello I am a Slender (Roblox)

I’m too lazy to write a sentence
by RandomPalm November 11, 2021
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cringe ass roblox kid, tall, has a 50$ face. rich and a white 12 year old, loves to online date other 12 year olds and fuck eachother on voicechat
that roblox slender is so hot
by sy1vester November 23, 2021
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Roblox slenders is a one of these slender groups, they buying headless for wasting the money, and buying toothpick leg, they have stitch face kind of look like slenderman with no soul, so slenders bullying a bacons, but no, they not bullying bacons, they are friendly, so... nothing, just nothing, i ran out of ideas
roblox slenders
by superbusinesswire October 21, 2023
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