A game in roblox where a bunch of copy and pastes and slenders go and online date. The copy and pasted love to push and bomb others for no reason.
Copy and paste:wanna play ragdoll engine??
Slender: sure ####
Copy and paste: #########
Slender, copy and paste: *push* *hug* *mean*
by Uricha September 23, 2020
Where slenders, copy and pastes, and unfunny food troller go to hangout and online date. The copy and pastes bomb and push people without robux Aka “noobs”.
Person 1: you wanna play ragdoll?
Person 2: as in ragdoll engine ._.
Person 1: Yea why-
Person 2: isn’t that the game where people online date??
Person 1: uhhh
Person 2: don’t forget the annoying food trollers :/
Person 1: Yea ur right let’s play an obby ig
by Uricha September 23, 2020
1. A place where slender and cnp mostly hangout

2. One of the game that they know pacifically slenders and CnP
Bro slender and CnP only know 3 game
1. mm2
2. da hood

3. ragdoll engine
by Kumala kumala October 18, 2022
a roblox game known as the home to the controversies within. nowadays of the game's alive and kicking history, you would be met with slenders, copy and pastes, and hackers moments after you hop in one of the servers of the game.
person: hey, you wanna go in ragdoll engine?

person 2: no.. i'm not going back to that hellhole of a ragdoll game...
by rick animation February 23, 2022