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Creating a nest-like wreath of toilet paper inside the toilet bowl, then shitting on top to render the toilet un-flushable.
I got fired from Wendy's so I birdnested the toilets.
by Choadblower January 15, 2006
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When using a public restroom, a bird nest is layering toilet paper on the seat to avoid being tainted by germs prior to sitting down.
Joel unable to control his explosive diarreah was unable to create a bird nest in time. Fortunatley for him he always keeps a spare pair of panties in his office drawer.
by Mr. Revenge May 05, 2010
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The act of shaving ones pubes and placing them in someones mouth. The pubes act as a recepticle for a delicious poo that will be deposited quickfast.
I gave that bitch a bird nest from here to Nasty New Brunswick.
by Jip! March 31, 2006
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the hairstyle worn in the northern and southern parts of athens greece
the hair is in the syle of a birdnest
it is big, and birds nest in it, other things get lost
people in specific areas of athens believe its cool to make their hair huge and ugly.
its not
"oh my fucking god, look at her birdnest"
"re maria, eimai etoimi? my hair is so huge, it looks great right? i ready to go out right?"
by personingreece January 07, 2007
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