a really sweet guy who is everything youve ever dreamed of and will never hurt you. robb can always be trusted and is very loyal. he is an amazing person and will always be there for you. if you find a robb, dont ever let him go!!
me: hey sis, i think im in love!
sister: really?
me: yeah. his names robb, and hes amazng!!
by darling daughter June 19, 2011
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A gullible, and usually foreign player in GTA: SA-MP who will repeatedly ask for things and punch you, you can usually spot one if they have a name similar to "mark_jhon", or if they have terrible grammar.
jim_bob: hi
jim_bob: can i be a cop am good driver & gunman and want be cop since i was litle boy
SAM: yes, you are also the new chief
jim_bob: ok
SAM: you're a loose cannon jim, but you get the results
jim_bob: im dont care
SAM: you are also a robbe robbe
jim_bob: wat
by mr. yen January 12, 2010
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Robb is independant, caring, a true friend, and one that doesn't care what others think of him. Robb will tell it or you how it is without sugar-coating it. If you hate being joked with or being the butt of some jokes or having a good practical joke played on you, don't befriend a Robb. Robb's hate being confused with all the Robert's and Rob's andn Robbie's of the world.
Robert Robbie Rob Bob Ron
by 99fatboy February 5, 2010
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robbe is the kind of person that would steal your girl.
-Hey bro, why are u sad.
-Robbe stole my girl again.
by hentaisensei2.0 May 7, 2019
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The hottest guy I have ever seen! He is soo smart, amazing, awesome.
I love him to death.
I will die if I ever lose him.
I need him to breath.
I need him to see.
I speak his name n everything is okay.
I hear his voice and I feel better.
He is the coolest person I have ever meet.
And so yeah I used to bully him but now I cant live without him.
'Robb' Robert Lowell Wolvesbaine
by Nikki Wolvesbaine February 5, 2009
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A very cool guy who everyone loves. He gets all the girls whenever he wants and has a huge penis.
Wow! This dude is such a Robbe
by Je naam October 8, 2018
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Some ginger who thinks he's cool but is hated by everyone
Yo, you know all the gingers in my grade are robbes.
by CurryMonster28 October 27, 2016
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