A catering truck, especially one which frequents blue collar places of work; generally a modded pickup truck with insulated diamond-pattern doors covering a refrigerator case and a warmer unit with attached griddle.
"Naw, we wait till the roach coach comes around at 12:15 to take our lunch breaks around here."
by Lady Csyde April 19, 2004
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Roach Coaches are food service trucks, usually found making stops in industrial areas and county fairs. Some of the food can be quite good, but whatever you do, don't eat the sushi!
I had some roach coach sushi, and I havent gotten off the toilet since.
by gooberliberation February 7, 2006
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the newer, industrial strength roach coach is a mini-restaurant on wheels that is mounted on a truck chassis and is about the size of a UPS truck. Typical coaches have sides that open up to reveal varions snack and beverage items, in addition to an order window where the smiling Hispanic gentleman and his wife/sister or other female cook take and fill orders. Previously confined to construction sites and garages, now the roach coach prowls office parks offering secretaries a fried breakfast and lunch. The call of the wild roach coach is an obnoxious semi-musical horn that calls the willing sheep to be sheared and then fattened up on grease-laden fare.
I 'ate' at the roach coach yesterday and had the trots all night.
When people bring in roach coach food, you can smell the grease all over the building.
Roach coach cooking is the opposite of good food.
by adam_before_eve October 21, 2005
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A barf buggy. An industrial catering truck.
It's break time. Let's get a Moon Pie off the roach coach.
by Bumkicker Slade May 10, 2005
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the coffee truck that arrives on the job site with cold coffee, stale rolls, and spoiled milk. sometimes if your lucky, you can meet the entire insect family on this truck.
what do you want from the roach coach? yo, let me get a buttered roll, coffee, cream, no sugar, and the baby roack sandwich.
by southbronxems January 7, 2007
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A Roach Coach refers to a coach with a passionate love for one athlete, but neglects the rest of the team. This type of coach is usually from Minnesota.
Coach Woods loves Dusty so much, he is the biggest roach coach.
by isthisthekindofdayitsgoingtobe December 18, 2019
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Often used to feed a flight line crew chief during ORI inspections, to keep the crew chief with the jet fighter.
Crew chief says, I am hungry.
Flight cheif says, wait for the roach coach.
by Theodore Thomas September 12, 2004
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