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ancient sport esp. around Quorn.
Somewhat controversial among the wet set.
alt. a night of frolicking with ladies (foxes) and gentlemen (hounds)
We stopped in at Lady Chatterley's to ride in the Fox and Hounds.
Catherine invited me to dress up in my riding costume for an evening frolic of Fox and Hounds. She said she loved a man with a riding crop. Imagine her outfit!
by adam_before_eve April 17, 2006
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the correct way to spell Target if you want to pretend that it is a French store, or at least not too low class, like saying Jacques Pennay for JC Penney. A store that is perceived to be slightly upscale from WalMart.
I see that you are a Targét snob since you won't shop at WalMart.
I got these nifty plastic doodads over at Targét.
I drove over from the trailer park to Targét to get some new Depends because mine were worn out.
I find the hot girls shop at Targét and they are looking to hook up with dudes, but get your shots first...
by adam_before_eve December 15, 2005
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Clownish activity practiced while driving by illiterate high school dropouts and other social misfits.
Anyone that practices the gangsta lean is proclaiming to society that he anticipates dying at a young age from stray gunfire.
Known to invite cleansing the gene pool by other gangsta leaners that practice alternate leaning styles.
Gangsta leaners often define themselves in simple, cartoonish ways that invite negative reaction, such as wearing tacky costume jewelry that they call bling and wearing pants that are too big so that their underwear shows. The latter is a particularly classless act that publicizes their pathetic attempts at trying to find some individuality in a society that penalizes stupidity and willful ignorance. "Ooh, I'm rebelling against society by expressing myself with my boxers..."
The ex-con practiced his gangsta lean while driving and his pimp walk while on foot. Those pass for exercise programs in the 'hood.
by adam_before_eve March 18, 2006
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n. School is a place to receive a type of education.
Often derided by lower achievers and mouth-breathing droolers.
Necessary preparation for a life beyond the subsistence level.
Can be a very entertaining place where you learn about social interaction, cooperation, achievement and self-discipline.
May be public or private in US, or private or public in UK.
v. to instruct
People who don't like school often end up working for people who do.
He dropped out of school and couldn't even get a job flipping burgers.
She had to leave school after she got knocked up.
He flunked out of school, which is pretty hard to do these days.
She was schooled in the ways of Hogwarts.
by adam_before_eve April 9, 2006
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aka Brom, Brummagem, etc
a historical English city of great import that often gets a bad rap.
Queen of the West Midlands, King of the Hill, and you can fly out of there, too.
I grew up in the Bull Ring in Birmingham, so people think I talk funny.
They named a town in Alabama after my city, so there is a Brom in the New World, too.
by adam_before_eve April 17, 2006
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a fabulous visual artist that drew amazing comix - his characters also included Honeybunch Kaminsky and Pro Junior, along with Big Nurse
R. Crumb sketched out the alternative reality of kids circa 1970
by adam_before_eve September 10, 2005
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the newer, industrial strength roach coach is a mini-restaurant on wheels that is mounted on a truck chassis and is about the size of a UPS truck. Typical coaches have sides that open up to reveal varions snack and beverage items, in addition to an order window where the smiling Hispanic gentleman and his wife/sister or other female cook take and fill orders. Previously confined to construction sites and garages, now the roach coach prowls office parks offering secretaries a fried breakfast and lunch. The call of the wild roach coach is an obnoxious semi-musical horn that calls the willing sheep to be sheared and then fattened up on grease-laden fare.
I 'ate' at the roach coach yesterday and had the trots all night.
When people bring in roach coach food, you can smell the grease all over the building.
Roach coach cooking is the opposite of good food.
by adam_before_eve October 21, 2005
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