What it do Flight Crew? FTC. Flight Team stand up. Ay man.......
by Popoopooppol June 11, 2020
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short for flight jacket. Pretty much any lightweight jacket that you wear to survive the fall season in NYC.
--Yo, toss me my flight, I left it on that chair. Thanks!
by TheBx41 September 20, 2012
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Basically being called a "flight" is the utmost disrespect towards an individual and is worthy of HOF RKO. SIMPLE
Robert- "This nigga is such a flight"
by leesmoove November 12, 2017
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So fly that it is way past that cool awesome stage, so it is in flight.
Josh: Did you see that!?! Dude that was so fly, we shoulda videod it!
Alex: Man, that's way past fly! It's in flight!
by J. Flight July 3, 2010
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An insanely attractive female who can pitch a tent in under a second.
The flight walked in and water started to boil.
by Andy Sipos February 16, 2005
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Famous term used by Tony Accardo to resemble family, loyalty, integrity, gain, honor, and transition.

Basic principles for a long and fruitful life.
Damn, I'm going through it... FLIGHT! I will be okay!

Have you heard of Flight Nation Family? You might want too, FLIGHT!

Heard Tony Accardo started the code, follow as such and you have no choice but to make it, FLIGHT!
by HumboldtParksFinest September 2, 2019
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Used to agree with fellow friends. To imply that they are okay and even happy about a situation or plan. Similar to “that’s chill”, “calm”, “I’m down” bet fuckedurma69
Hot male #1: Yerrrrr we out to my crib Friday night?

Hot male #2: Aye man, that’s flight.
by weallfuckedthesamebitch April 4, 2018
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