"Hey man did u see that new Dyson fan?"

"Yea, that's some RNS!"
by DAGATOR1 October 21, 2009
a Real Nigga Shit or Real niggas steppin brotha hood u have to fight someone to get in mac11 nd fatru made this they are the big homies
Dem RNS niggaz over there move out the way
by Mac11indishoe January 30, 2020
The act or condition of being Really Nervous. This usually occurs when one finds him/herself in a moderately or extremely uncomfortable social situation.
by imajokemaker_1 June 2, 2011
Real Nigga Shit, the most angry sounding rap music to get you pumped!
Me: "I'm so pumped for this race!"
Friend: "You listening to your rns rn?"
Me: "Of course, I got my ludacris game on!"
by hornyforpussy69 September 3, 2014
RN Rascals Nation formerly known as TC is one of the most dangerous gangs in all of Vancouver, Britsh Columbia
I hope that RN doesn't come by my neighborhood.
by [X]treme May 15, 2005
Meaning 'rocket nipple'. When a girl is cold/wet/horny and you can see the outline of her hard nipples protruding from her shirt.
yo dawg get your fly ass on over hizzle and check out the RN on that brod. Dont you want to squizzle that bro? its mint.
by Sean April 15, 2004
Retarded Nose Syndrome. If one has a chronically runny nose from a long-lasting illness, or just unlucky enough to have abnormally runny nose genes, they are said to have RNS. Also sometimes known as Runny Nose Syndrome, for those easily offended.
Heather: Why do you have such a huge pile of nasty tissues by your desk?
Me: I have an acute case of RNS, once it starts it takes hours to die down!
Heather: Real nice.
by David J. Hansen April 27, 2009