Dyson is a sweet and caring guy. He always looks to help others and is well respected by everyone. You can always find a person named dyson through the clouds and past the rainbow because of his shining personality. He'll be located in the pot of gold where everything else is sparkling just like him.
Dyson- I wonder where my toothpick is

Dave- I don't know dyson, you must've lost it
by Bitchybootyqueen August 27, 2017
Well documented to be the most faithful and fertile family in all of the U.K. where 80% of those who bear the surname are related to each other.
George Dyson, English composer
Frank Watson Dyson, Astronomer Royal
James Dyson, inventor of the Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaner
Hugo Dyson, Inkling
George Dyson, science historian
by Dysdysbaby April 17, 2007
To Dyson is the name given to the act of sucking up ones recently ejaculated semen through the eye of the penis. Most commonly caused by the victim being interrupted during masturbation during climax. This shock leads to the testicles expanding slightly internally, thus creating a vacuum inside the testes which therefore sucks the semen back into the testes. If done on a regular basis this can cause severe aching of the testes and may cause one or both of them to pop violently and randomly, normally when sexually aroused.
"Hey son how was your day?"
"Shit dad go away, knock next time! You made me Dyson!!"
"Oh sorry son, my bad"
by RVALDEN May 11, 2010
-A brand of vacuum cleaner
-Somebody who sucks/a loser (from "You suck like a Dyson, bitch!")
Man, you're such a Dyson...
by Vex May 11, 2005
The greatest invention in the world that allows you to clean up in the after partys at 2 o'clock the next morning when u wake up after getting wasted and ur parents are on the way home. (A vaccuum)
Shit that Dyson saved my ass nigga
by Lyle Brayden April 10, 2005
A person who likes to go Bagless, i.e never uses condoms, esp in casual relationships
Butts is a real Dyson, he never Bags Up
by nezzy_22 November 14, 2008
A commonly used term in the audio visual industry to indicate about three inches in length.
Move that screen over about half a Dyson.
by Nikon1701 October 13, 2017