A step above others, top notch, flexing.
The opposite of lackin.
damn bro he’s steppin. i’m steppin with this drip.
by slothy May 22, 2020
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Black fraternity dance. Put on shows and make pledges learn prior to initiation. Dance is pretty complicated, involves chanting and rhythmic stomping.
Alpha, Alpha Phi Alpha, its just toooooo cold its just tooooo cold.
by Busy Bone August 13, 2003
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Someone who walks around like they got a bum knee or got there ass kicked, walkin with a cocky swagger like no one is better than them.
Homey 1 " Yo Check out Rude Boy Roy he Steppin like he's gwan do something.
Homey 2 "What a Fossy, we should give him a real reason to be Steppin so hard.
Homey 1 Word lets do it
by RichFromThe Dot October 4, 2005
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An alternative for stoopin, but used only when one is stoopin on steps.
Man, this party is lame. Let's go stepin on those steps over there. (only when using "stepin" in a sentence, it sums up the fact that you will be on steps).
by Mary January 2, 2005
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The new and cooler way to say stoopin. If you actually still say stoopin then you are what most people call, a nerd
Person 1: I love to go steppin!
Person 2: Ya man, it's the new cool thing to do
by kevin January 3, 2005
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1. To get yo beat down on some sorry ass beeotch.

2. To walk away from a scary ass dude who just threatened yo life.
1. You bes' be backin' up off my jock fool, 'fo Ayez getz ta steppin' on yo ass brah!

2. Step Off brah! You heard me! getz ta steppin'!
by Quantabella May 10, 2006
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Keep on walking, often in the other direction from the person who said it.
Now turn around, and just a keep a steppin
by GSing August 16, 2007
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