After that Taco Bell burrito I ripped one in the car and stained my underwear.
by Twinpeaks November 1, 2013
To rip a fart louder than a metal beyblade in a bathtub.
fat guy: Bro I'm about to rip one.
fat guy 2: same bro.
*farts so loud it ruptures the space-time continuum*
fat guy: bro that was so loud we might get arrested for disturbing the peace.
by AvgRedditor January 5, 2021
to rather forcefully expell wind from the anus usually with a good strain..
present tense- wow he can "rip one off" or he ripped one off"
by gilly walker January 24, 2007
To rip a fat one is to rip a massive fart that could potentially cause an earthquake or rip a large hole in the pants.
This fart is usually extremely stinky, pretty much equivalent to the same gas used in world war 2 by the nazi executioners.
Jared - "Oi Atef! Rip a fat one!"
Atef - "*Rips a fat one*
by Atef Lord February 9, 2021
verbally wrecked to shreds; roasted
i was ripped a new one by my track coach after fucking up at the meet.
by jaminator69 December 15, 2016
the art of taking a shot of booze
cochran you fat fucker, get over here and rip a hot one with me
by poopbandit#2 April 14, 2007