Being smugly superior morally to everyone else.
Normal Guy: Hey want to go get a beer?

Guy #2: No sorry, drinking destroys the mind and body. You shouldn't drink.

Normal Guy: What a self righteous bastard.
by lolcatz123l August 20, 2011
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Someone who for all the right reasons wants their beliefs to be righteous to help others but for a lack of understanding and compassion is short of love and righteousness.
That self-righteous barstard is just plain wrong ... I think he needs to take a look from a more loving angle ... Then he may be able to help.
by Insearchoothetruth December 26, 2018
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"All he needs is a little love, ultraviolet light, potassium, and he'll grow into some righteous chronic"
by Potato Head March 19, 2014
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An extremely hairy vagina or excessive amounts of pubic hair on a vagina.

Can also, less commonly, be used to describe male genitalia.
Dude, I pulled down her panties and she had a righteous bush!


I probably would have given him head, but he had some righteous bush.
by Zoidberg, MD November 10, 2010
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The act of attracting attention through being absoulutely genuine as well as wonderful no matter the perception(good,evil,smart,stupid)
The presidents war on terror was such and Ostentatiously Righteous load of shit, he tried to make up for it by giving americans money.
by Vampyre of Divinity February 28, 2008
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Placing ones balls gently on the top of your loved ones head as an act of passive domination.
I achieved the righteous plinth with Candy last night and now our relationship is at the next level dude.
by Whatttt?! December 30, 2019
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A humble stepper, someone who’s stepping on shit but don’t brag or boast about it
That boy E on that for real he’s a righteous reaper
by X-men Osama July 14, 2021
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