The hike taken from your bedroom to your kitchen after midnight
Jim: I was so hungry last night, I took a Righteous Hike.

Steve: That's narly bro
by Best Definitions May 28, 2015
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A person who is so angry with smokers and their habit, that they regularly confront smokers in a rude way.
The man came over to me in the bar and pointing his finger at me, told me to put out my cigarette. He could have asked nicely, but he was too “smoke-righteous”.
by Johntoo August 23, 2009
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To consume a large amount of alcoholic beverages in a short amount of time, increasing one's Blood Alcohol Content substantially, while impairing judgment, but without becoming sick. Often achieved after losing a drinking game such as beer pong. However, there are a number of dangers associated with righteous inebriation. If too much alcohol is consumed, one may throw up, at which point the inebriation ceases to be righteous.
Dude, we suck so much at beer pong, but the righteous inebriation was so worth the shame of defeat.
by taylsor February 20, 2007
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A vocal duo consisting of Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley. They rose to fame in the 1960s with songs such as "You've lost that lovin' feeling" featuring Medley's sonorous bass and "Unchained melody", demonstrating Hatfield's (now deceased) soaring tenor.

by starky April 18, 2008
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A self-righteous person acts superior to his peers because he believes his moral standards are perfect. This "moral smugness" is condescending by nature and is usually found offensive by others.

Self-righteousness is a way unintelligent and nonathletic people can retain a sense of superiority. Various cults and religions promote self-righteousness in an attempt to convert the average person, who feels immoral by comparison.
Joe: Hey, I downloaded this awesome movie! Want to go watch it?
Joe: Yeah..?
Tim: *Sigh* That's immoral and against the law. I would never do that.
Joe: You're a self-righteous tool.
by Storm_Surge October 17, 2008
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(adj) (derog) Extreme right-wing politically and actively seeking to enshrine religiously based views into law
The far-righteous legislators are trying to legalize violence against gay people.
by Heptune May 11, 2005
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