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A self-righteous person acts superior to his peers because he believes his moral standards are perfect. This "moral smugness" is condescending by nature and is usually found offensive by others.

Self-righteousness is a way unintelligent and nonathletic people can retain a sense of superiority. Various cults and religions promote self-righteousness in an attempt to convert the average person, who feels immoral by comparison.
Joe: Hey, I downloaded this awesome movie! Want to go watch it?
Joe: Yeah..?
Tim: *Sigh* That's immoral and against the law. I would never do that.
Joe: You're a self-righteous tool.
by Storm_Surge October 16, 2008
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Someone who for all the right reasons wants their beliefs to be righteous to help others but for a lack of understanding and compassion is short of love and righteousness.
That self-righteous barstard is just plain wrong ... I think he needs to take a look from a more loving angle ... Then he may be able to help.
by Insearchoothetruth December 26, 2018
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Being smugly superior morally to everyone else.
Normal Guy: Hey want to go get a beer?

Guy #2: No sorry, drinking destroys the mind and body. You shouldn't drink.

Normal Guy: What a self righteous bastard.
by lolcatz123l August 20, 2011
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