Consuming a mixture of Walmart's Coconut Wave and alcohol. Alcohol is known as your surfboard, when you are getting low it is known as a low tide, and pasing out is known as wiping out.
Man, did you know Joel and Sean are ridin the wave!
by jsoeealndiaz August 12, 2011
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Ridin' dirty is when you're in a vehicle and might you have police (da po po) after you because you have either drugs or illegal firearms.
Yo man, put that weed away, I don't wanna be ridin' dirty!
by xxYuli June 25, 2006
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When you are drivin' with drugs in your car, specifically weed, pot, marajuana, in the car either hidden away in the glove box or out and blazed up in the driver seat.
Man, put that shit out, Don't let them catch us ridin' dirty.

Stop looking mad shady or thay'll know we ridin' dirty.
by professor Quinta August 16, 2006
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When one is getting lucky or having sex after getting a girl drunk.
Colten: Yo, what you doin tonight?

Drew: im gonna hit up the clubs and hopefully be ridin that clover later.

Colten: Yeahh man!!
by EC Messiah44 March 23, 2010
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A image where a herm gets buttfucked and his dick spins around like a ridin spinnaz

(also cocks)
we ridin spinnaz we ridin spinnaz

also cocks
by Mike September 10, 2004
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v. To Drive/Ride around in an automobile with the windows down and the Air Contitioner running full blast.
There's nothing on a hot summer day like taking the old gas guzzler out and ridin' republican.
by Technicolour Dingleberrie August 2, 2006
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