To get a buzz on through alcohol, drugs, or both. And as the buzz wans, you take a little more to bump your buzz back up. Doing this multiple times is known as ridin' a buzz because essentially you're in a constant state of being semi-intoxicated by continually drinking over a course of time, but not too drunk or veggin' out.

This is similar to a bender in that you can ride a buzz ad inifitum, however, being buzzed and wasted are too different animals. Also this should not be confused with ridin' a bus, but this can be done while doing that.

The movie Dazed and Confused, almost everyone in it is ridin' a buzz.
by Jimblor January 14, 2009
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We gonna drive around, rob a liquor store, mug a dude, and shoot somebody. We hoo ridin' tonight.
by chu-chunk August 19, 2010
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A phrase which refers to a women's roller derby team conducting themselves in a manner that would serve to represent their players as dirty, skanky, slutty, outrageous, and audacious, all in an effort to convince people that they are cool. They just look dirty.
Hahaha. I saw those crazy pics of you on the internet after the game. You were really Ridin Derby!
by >>>AQUAFINA>>> September 17, 2009
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Texting while driving where it's illegal, taken from Riding dirty
"Hey, sorry I couldn't reply to your SMS, I was ridin' qwerty"
by Jake'n'Bake April 27, 2009
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For someone to be all on your things and what you have. Example, Your car, House, Boyfriend/Girlfriend,Money.
Get your own why you ridin mine.
by Treasure November 25, 2007
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fucking with the chick atop your central business district so her hot wet pussy slides up and down your super-hard cock as you, lying on your back, give a little thrust now and then...she does all the work but you and your woody have all the fun...
Hey, bro', she really digs ridin' the rod with me...she puts the buckin' into the fuckin'!
by bongoman December 12, 2007
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a southern term for riding on rims so large that one has to raise the body for the rims to fit on the car.
I just got some 28's on my 69 cut' and it's ridin high
by DangerousZANE June 8, 2006
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