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When you are drivin' with drugs in your car, specifically weed, pot, marajuana, in the car either hidden away in the glove box or out and blazed up in the driver seat.
Man, put that shit out, Don't let them catch us ridin' dirty.

Stop looking mad shady or thay'll know we ridin' dirty.
by professor Quinta August 16, 2006

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a) n. Any secretion from the ass.
b) n. The ooze that comes out of a dead womans ass when you go munging.
When we went double mung-jumping I got stuck with the ass mung while my buddy got to do the bouncing.
by Professor Quinta November 29, 2005

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feeling intense embarrassment for someone else.

When someone does something so pathetically embarrassing that you would not be human if it didn't embarrass you just through your proximity to the situation.

It is especially potent when you witness this embarrassing act.
Gaby, did you just see that poor girl trip on a banana and impale herself on a hooker's spiky boot?. . . I have such tartingles!
by professor Quinta November 30, 2006

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When a gay man fucks his best girl-friend so hard up the ass that is creats a small hole through which an egg can travel from the ovary to the rectum. Then when he ejaculates into her ass she becomes pregnant and nine months later a baby explodes out of her ass. It's an Ass-Baby
"Lindsey, your butt has gotten really big"
"yeah, it's russles Ass-Baby, it's gonna explode out any day now!"

Your Ass-baby is covered in shit!
by professor Quinta August 17, 2006

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v. The act of spreading ones pubic hairs all over an object.
n. The unfortunate discovery of pubic hairs all over an object one must use, for example ones bed, or bathtub
I am going to Quinta all over your pizza.

Becca, look, there is quinta in our bed!
by Professor Quinta October 17, 2005

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v. when your gum flies violently out of your mouth due to a sudden outburst of laughter and smacks someone square in the face.

reverse gebee is also possible but typically results in choking, or even death.
When i was little i gebee's on jake bebee. . . my bad.

Dude you just gebee's in my face, that's foul!
by professor Quinta August 23, 2006

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plooney your mom is the act of plooney. But, the image of George Clooney is held by your mother sitting in a chair across the room, but in plain sight, of where you are your partner are copulating.
When asked to plooney she responded, Plooney your mom bitch! He later attempted to do so but missed causing an unfortunate clean up for his mother.
by Professor Quinta October 17, 2005

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