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a southern term for riding on rims so large that one has to raise the body for the rims to fit on the car.
I just got some 28's on my 69 cut' and it's ridin high
by DangerousZANE June 8, 2006
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usually a blunt, but in central Florida and other parts of the south, it simply means a song
Did you hear that new Rick Ross joint on 102 Jamz?
by DangerousZANE June 8, 2006
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To get crunk, the act of getting crunk. Crunk is a state of sustained wildness, usually charachtarized by "crunk music." In white dude terms, moshing.
Yo, that party at Tyrone's house is gonna be off tha hook!!! We always get buck!!!!!
by DangerousZANE January 12, 2006
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To get buck-ass-wild
Yo homie, let's go to the club and get crunk!
by DangerousZANE March 15, 2006
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...b's up, c's down g up in b town

yall idiots is actin' like b's and c's
by DangerousZANE June 8, 2006
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Slang term for Pine Ridge high school used by people in and around Deltona, Fl. It comes from Pine Ridge's reputation for being a ghetto school.
I'm so glad I go to Deltona and not stank-ass Crime Ridge.
by DangerousZANE July 6, 2006
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