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Huge wheels used to show everyone that you are wealthy. Often used by younger black males with little money, but want to try to look cool any way. White people should not consider purchasing these wheels. Personally, I have never seen any wheel larger than 28 inches in diameter.
Yo, Homie, that biatch be rollin 28s! Lets kill him and steal them wheels! Aight!!!
by Bitchin Kitchen June 14, 2003
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To change your mind very frequently, especially relating to backpackers picking where they'll venture next.

Derived from an intoxicated conversation one night, explaining how one would change their mind 28 times a day, regardless of how much they assured you of what they were doing. It quickly spread within the small seasonal town and outward with the backpackers. It is now known globally by frequent travellers.
"Where to next man? BC? Japan?"
"Ah dude.. I was thinking Australia but I've got the 28's hard"
by LTDatTFL September 30, 2009
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