A flash game that's dangerously underrated. The guy who also made One Night at Flumpty's made so, yeah. It's just some guy who wants to escape school but in the later games it turns into FNAF lore.

Note: Its also forgotten. It doesn't even show up on the gifs.
Man 1 (preferably me): Yo remember Riddle School?
Man 2 (preferably everyone at my school) No, wtf even is that?
Man 1: You bitch didn't even have a childhood.
by Katorsomethin October 16, 2021
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ADJ. A convoluted approach to the sales process, often used in car or house sales. Often involves lying, misdirection and Mictaring.

Done by Riddlers.
He is riddling, he offered full asking now he wants 15k off for asbestos removal.
by Flash-collector June 17, 2019
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A person who blindfolds another person and makes them smell or lick their feet
Person 1: My friend pulled a dirty riddle it made me throw up
by Daddy_maddy_fatty_patty October 01, 2021
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A stupid backstabbing motherfucking ass hole with a tiny dick and ugly face that looks like a fish fucked Hillary Clinton.
by ffnnfergnve May 22, 2017
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A euphemism for getting a sapiosexual turned on. Specifically, getting a female wet, through witty banter, playful puns, and other intellectual stimuli.
Jill: How was the date?
Kate: He was telling riddles all night, I needed to change my panties.
by SazzyNerd September 23, 2021
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