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A town composed of 64,000 people on the northeastern coast of Florida.

If you come here, expect to find: high crime rates, white trashy people on motorcycles, and prostitutes on every corner. Not to mention the fact that there's nothing to do at all. Don't forget to check out some of the lamest clubs in the state. If you think Spring Break when you think of Daytona, you're wrong. That was in the 90's. Now it's Miami, Cancun, Bahamas, etc. Oh and don't be here during Biketober Fest, Bike Week, or the Daytona 500.. unless you like to be around thousands of hicks that can barely speak the English language.

All of that aside, the weather is pretty sweet, and the waves are nice. But there's not much else to say about shitty ol' Daytona.
Dude 1: Yooo I'm going to Daytona Beach next weekend!
Dude 2: That sucks.
by Jack Graves 5285 November 07, 2009
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A city in which people get psyched to go to if they have to move there, but after they get aquainted, they realize the city is the epitome of lame ass shit hole town with assholes, crackheads and hookers waiting on every street.
"Yeah man I'm movin' to DAYTONA!!"
"I'm sorry."

"What do you want to do tonight?"
-10 minutes later-
"I dunno, it's Daytona, there is NOTHING to do.."
by Ley. June 24, 2005
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City in North/Central Florida on the Atlantic coast. Has a population of about 65,000. Nicknamed "The World's Most Famous Beach". It is mostly famous because of NASCAR's annual Daytona 500 race, and as the location of the annual Bike Week festival, and serves as a popular spring break destination.
I got tickets to the Daytona 500 this year!
by Mike March 10, 2005
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The largest hub for artists, musicians and free thinkers in the United States. The growing population sees daily influx from Brooklyn, San Fransisco, Austin, Portland, UK and Europe. The rapid artistic growth in the area has been attributed to the luring aspects of unparalleled romance provided by the charismatic homeless and sandy white beaches. With endless untapped content for the artists, Daytona is known as the most entertaining city for the young and creative.
Person 1: "Daytona Beach is the new Portland."

Person 2: "Man, I've been hearing everyone say that."
by AwesomeRadTron March 23, 2010
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